DHC Leadership Forum

At two extended meetings in January and February 2010, a diverse group of dance professionals met for the Dance Heritage Coalition's second National Dance Heritage Leadership Forum. These archivists, librarians, artists, educators, and other specialists convened to help identify priorities and set goals for the Dance Heritage Coalition in the next decade.

Current Goals, 2010-2020
Prior to the convenings, the DHC invited responses from researchers and faculty, archivists and librarians, and dance artists through an online survey. A narrative analysis and the quantitative results are published in Results of Field Study (October 2009). Foremost among the results was concern about ensuring access to the records that document America's dance legacy: availability of the materials as well as technology needed to access them. Three White Papers were commissioned from experts in dance history, dance reconstruction, and humanities applications of technology.

"Matrix of the Artist and Archivist Duet: Partnerships in our Dance Heritage" by Bonnie Oda Homsey, Los Angeles Dance Foundation
"Digital Tools for Expanding Access to Dance: Creative Uses of Technology" by Glen Worthey, Stanford University
"Teaching Dance History with Access to Primary Materials" by Tricia Henry Young, Florida State University

Vision 2020
In September 2010, the DHC Board of Directors issued a report titled Vision 2020: Creating a New Place for Dance in the Public Imagination. This document articulates four main goals that the Dance Heritage Coalition will address in the next decade.

• Increase Awareness of Dance and its Societal Contributions
• Develop Sustainable and Adaptive Systems
• Promote an Ever Increasing Body of Stakeholder Value
• Facilitate Connectivity Across and Beyond the Field

The DHC welcomes organizations and individuals to work with us on these significant goals in the next ten years.

The First Forum, 1999
Although the DHC was formed in 1992, it was not until 1999 that nonprofit status was conferred. In 1999 to 2000, the DHC convened the first National Dance Heritage Leadership Forum. The report from this series of meetings, Sustaining America's Dance Legacy: How the Field of Dance Can Build Capacity and Broaden Access to Dance in the Next Ten Years, issued in October 2000, set the goals and strategies for the past decade. Many of the work laid forth in that report has been achieved or begun, including:

• Navigation of copyright issues through the Fair Use Project, which issued a Best Practices Statement
• Increase in visibility of dance through creation of a list of America's Irreplaceable Dance Treasures, which became a traveling exhibit as well as an online Exhibition.
• Formation of an annual Fellowship in Dance Documentation and Preservation
• Pilot phases in the development of an online research resource with streamable moving images and additional digitized materials. See archive.danceheritage.org.
• Publications to aid the dance community in understanding issues of dance documentation and preservation. See DHC publications.