DHC Fellows 2001-2012

Nichole Arvin 2012

Nichole is an artist with a BA in Dance from Hunter College. She is currently a dual degree MFA Digital Art and MLS Information and Library Science candidate at Pratt Institute. She completed her fellowship at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. View her blog at dhcfellow2012nypl.wordpress.com.

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Tara Davis 2012

Tara Davis is from Oklahoma and has a BA in English. She is currently pursuing her MLIS degree at the University of Oklahoma, where she also serves as a graduate assistant at the Ballets Russes Archive. Tara is a member of the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe and has a great interest in performing arts and tribal archives. View her adventures with Ohio State University's Theatre Research Institute at dhcfellow2012osu.wordpress.com.

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Jessica Huffman 2012

Jessica “Penny” Huffman is an MLIS candidate at the University of British Columbia, having received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. Her professional research has included the preservation of audiovisual materials and digital resource development, two interests she brought to her work at the Museum of Performance & Design. Read her clever blog posts at dhcfellow2012mpd.wordpress.com.

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Irlanda Jacinto 2012

Irlanda Jacinto is pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science. She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor’s degree in history and anthropology. Since the fall of 2010, Irlanda has been an intern at the University of Arizona School of Dance, where she is assisting faculty members develop and establish a library and archive. Irlanda enjoyed an amazing fellowshop at UCLA, see her work at dhcfellows2012ucla.wordpress.com.

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Maureen Maryanski 2012

Maureen Maryanski is a recent graduate of Indiana University, having earned dual masters degrees in History and Library Science with a specialization in Rare Books and Manuscripts. A native of Indiana, she also has a BA in History from IU, as well as a strong background in modern dance and dance history. As an IMLS fellow for the Dance Heritage Coalition, she worked for the first part of the summer at the Dance Notation Bureau in New York City processing archival collections and creating finding aids. View her blog on the DNB fellowship at dhcfellow2012dnb.wordpress.com/. Next, Maureen will be working with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company (also in New York City) as they prepare for their upcoming 45th anniversary. In addition to her focus in dance archives, she is interested conservation and preservation, exhibition planning and installation, and public services librarianship, especially focused in special collections and rare books. Much of this interest stems from her work at the Lilly Library in Bloomington, Indiana where Maureen worked as an intern and graduate student.

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Nicole Topich 2012

Nicole Topich, originally from Little Rock and now living in Philadelphia, is completing an online MLIS through the University of Pittsburgh. Her undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College included a major in history and a minor in peace and conflict studies. She has worked at seven archives and two libraries and wants to combine her interest in performing arts with her career goal of being an archivist. View Nicole's fellowship blog, rich with images from the Library of Congress, at dhcfellow2012loc.wordpress.com/.

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Amanda Wick 2012

Amanda Wick is earning her MLIS at Dominican University in Illinois, where she is specializing in Archives and Cultural Heritage, and received her BA in Environmental Studies from Lawrence University. Amanda looks forward to combining her passion for dance with her professional archival experience at Chicago-area archives. Her fellowship, with the American Dance Festival during summer 2012, was chronicled online at dhcfellow2012adf.wordpress.com.

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Christi Weindorf 2011

Christi Weindorf received BFA degrees in Ballet and Modern Dance from Texas Christian University, an MA in European Dance Theatre Practice from Laban dance conservatory in London, and is currently completing the MLIS program at San Jose State University where she is also an intern at the King Library. In her role as an archival preservation fellow for the Dance Heritage Coalition she is creating an archival inventory for the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. She is maintaining a blog about this project at http://cweindorf.blogspot.com/.

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Patsy Gay 2011

Patsy Gay is currently a 2011 Archival/Preservation Technician Fellow with the New York City based choreographic duo Eiko & Koma. This inventory of their archival paper and photographic material, moving image and audio items, and costumes and sets, complements Eiko & Koma's three-year Retrospective Project. Patsy recent completed an archival inventory for David Gordon and his Pick Up Performance Co(s)'s archive, which included more than 600 moving image items, almost 200 audio recordings, and hundreds of files housing photographs, programs, scripts, choreographic notes, and more. The inventory will provide access to over forty years of materials documenting his significant career in both dance and theater. She also assisted fellow Kat Bell with the inventory project at Dance Theatre of Harlem. Patsy received her B.A. at Case Western Reserve University in Theater Arts (Dance) and Art History and her M.A. at The Florida State University in American Dance Studies.

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Kat Bell 2011

Kat Bell is currently working with the Dance Theatre of Harlem as part of the 2011 Dance Heritage Coalition Fellowship in Preservation. Kat is organizing and inventorying approximately 2600 video items, part of the multi-phase project to organize, preserve, and disseminate the archives of the 42-year-old organization. Kat is originally from Indiana and received her M.A. in Dance and M.L.S from Texas Woman's University. She maintains a blog about the DTH project at preservingdtharchives2011.wordpress.com.

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Rachael Riggs Leyva 2011

Rachael Riggs Leyva is currently an Archive Fellow with the Dance Heritage Coalition for the Bebe Miller Company, working with the company's archive housed at The Ohio State University, and in an "archivist in the studio" role during the company's 2011 residency at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Riggs Leyva maintains the teaching resources and archives of the Dance Notation Bureau Extension at The Ohio State University, where she received her MFA and is now working toward her PhD in Dance Studies. She holds Advanced Theory, and Elementary/Intermediate Teaching certifications through the Dance Notation Bureau. Follow her work with the Bebe Miller Collection at www.bbmarchives2011.wordpress.com

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Arlene Yu 2010

Arlene Yu worked with audio visual materials at American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina, and then did various records management projects for Shen Wei Dance Arts in New York.

At ADF, Yu identified, cataloged, re-housed, and performed a preliminary assessment of 200 archival 16mm films. Afterward, Yu developed a set of templates and documents to improve records management practices for Shen Wei. She advised the company on workflow and preservation, which she collected in a handbook tailored to their needs and staff responsibilities.

Working with audio visual materials at ADF allowed Yu to do processing on a format she had never worked with before, and consequently gave her a new skill as a budding professional in the field of performing arts librarianship. Soon after completing the Fellowship, she was hired as a staff member at the Performing Arts Branch of the New York Public Library.

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Judith Estey 2009

Judith Estey did the first half of her fellowship at the Library of Congress Music Division where she learned archival practices for organizing and processing special collections in dance. Estey spent the second half of her Fellowship with the Kiplinger Research Library of the Historical Society of Washington where she worked on the newly created D.C. Local Dance Archive.

At LOC, Estey completed the processing of five special collections of dance-related materials at the Library of Congress, and created a finding aid for each one. Among the collections she worked on were those of Adolph Bolm, the Russian-born ballet dancer and choreographer who toured the United States with Pavlova in 1908 and 1909; and the collection of Marilyn J. La Vine, a private collector who assembled fifty volumes of material documenting much of the career of Rudolf Nureyev.

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Kelly Smith 2009

Kelly Smith began her fellowship with Jacob’s Pillow, where she assisted in arranging the correspondence of founder Ted Shawn. Later, she spent her practicum in Vermont with the Dance Division Archives of Bennington College where she developed a finding aid for the dance archives.

At Jacob’s Pillow, she arranged the Shawn correspondence, which included making preservation copies of newspaper articles that Shawn personally saved. Smith also assisted with fine-tuning the records retention policy of Jacob’s Pillow. For her practicum at Bennington College, Smith wrote a finding aid for the Dance Division archives and added new features. Smith also provided guidelines for future preservation of the collection, and how to make additions to the collection.

Smith’s experiences working at Jacob’s Pillow soon paid dividends when she secured a position at The Studio Theatre, in Washington, DC. She has also done volunteer work with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre archives. Smith said that her experiences at Jacob’s Pillow and Bennington College were “challenging, amazing and wonderful.”

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Allison Gillette 2008

Allison Gillette spent part of her fellowship at the Museum of Performance & Design where she worked on on the San Francisco Ballet Collection. For the practicum portion of the fellowship she did various archival and database work for Smuin Ballet.

At the Museum of Performance & Design she re-housed, organized and did some conservation work on a collection of programs. She also sorted boxes of newspaper collections in order to improve access to them. For Smuin Ballet she assessed and processed materials in the ballet company’s collection, and created inventory lists for the archives. She also designed a database that listed the videos in the Smuin collection, and rehoused the videos so that they would be in a safer preservation environment.

Gillette went on to became a Collections Assistant, and later a Reference Librarian at the Museum of Performance & Design. She is currently an IMLS-funded Transitional Librarian at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY. She felt fulfilled by her contribution to dance heritage through her DHC Fellowship. “I gained a lot of confidence in my archival abilities, and felt more a part of the dance community. I believed my contribution to Smuin Ballet would benefit not only the staff, but also the dance community at large. I took a lot of information that was previously unusable and made it easily accessible and properly archived.”

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Jennifer Garda 2007

In 2007, Jennifer Garda was given the opportunity through the Dance Notation Bureau library of helping the Jose Limon Dance Company restage The Traitor, originally choreographed in 1954, but not been performed since 1978.

Garda traveled with the Limon Company to SUNY Brockport where she used her knowledge of Labanotation to help a Limon dancer to restage The Traitor. Garda observed rehearsals and took notes while the dancers learned the choreography. Later, she became actively involved in the process by consulting the score and answering the dancers’ questions about such things as pathways and timing. Garda even helped to set each dancer’s part in the “Table Scene” of the piece.

Finally, Garda had the thrill of seeing how her knowledge in Labanotation helped to bring The Traitor to a new audience when it was performed in Battery Park on September 7, 2007 for the River to River Festival.

After completing the fellowship, Garda continued on as a Notation Associate with the Dance Notation Bureau until 2009.By November 2010, she was working at Career Transition For Dancers as the Development Associate, in addition to also working on the score for Eleo Pomare's Las Desenamoradas, with the goal of receiving Certification from the Dance Notation Bureau as a Professional Notator.

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Erin Tisdale-Feiler 2006

At Ohio State University Library Theatre Research Institute, Tisdale-Feiler did archival work with photos and paper-based materials. Later, her practicum with the Columbus Dance Theatre involved preserving audio visual materials.

Specifically, her training at OSU included processing the personal papers held by the Theatre Research Institute, the Dance Notation Bureau collection (score, scrapbooks, programs, photographs, and others) and the Department of Dance archives. Meanwhile, Tisdale-Feiler assisted Columbus Dance Theatre with a videotape inventory and digitalization project.

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Kirsten Wilkinson 2005

Kirsten Wilkinson did her practicum with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange where she helped with the re-housing and documentation of videos.

At the Library of Congress, she worked on the collection of Branislava Nijinska, for which she processed various paper-based materials, including correspondence and personal documents of Nijinska. She also gained experience processing photographs and costumes in the Martha Graham Collection. Wilkinson assisted the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange on several projects, including helping to rehouse dance materials at the University of Maryland’s Performing Arts Library, and serving as an archival liaison to the Dance Exchange. She also documented and cataloged Lerman’s vast video collection—spanning 30 years of history.

Wilkinson went on to do dance research at the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and is the artistic director of her own dance company based in Hawaii. Reflecting on her DHC experience, Wilkinson said that “through the wonderful opportunities presented to me I was welcomed into the dance preservation community quickly. My time with the DHC was an amazing learning experience which has continued to carry me into various jobs within the dance world. I am very grateful for the constant work the DHC does for our field, both from the perspective of a professional dancer and researcher.”

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Katie Higham-Kessler 2005

Higham-Kessler was a Fellow at the New York Public Library’s Dance Division. Later, she worked on photographs and did database-related work for her practicum with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company Archives.

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Dominique Singer 2004

Dominique Singer was assigned as a Fellow with the archives of New York Public Library’s Dance Division in 2004. At NYPL, she gained experience working in a variety of departments, including journals/publications, recorded sound and image, and photographic material.

One of her accomplishments was completing the inventory and description of materials pertaining to ballerina Genia Melikova, including scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, and programs. Melikova, who danced for such renowned companies as the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and American Ballet Theatre, was a longtime instructor in the Dance Division of the Juilliard School. Singer also translated articles from French and Italian to English and wrote summaries for online catalogues.

Singer said that her Fellowship was valuable in her development as an information specialist because it gave her hands-on training in many aspects of archival practices, such as description, storage, and preservation of paper ephemera; audio-visual assessment, and catalogue writing for MARC System formats.

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Laura Raucher 2003

Raucher completed archival work for the Dance Division of the New York Public Library. She assisted with rehousing materials in the Martha Graham Collection, and conducted special conservation treatment for photographic materials.

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Allison Smith 2003

Smith did her practicum with the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble in Durham, NC after training at the American Dance Festival.

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Robin Isicson 2001

Isicson spent the first half of the fellowship training at the San Francisco Performing Arts Library (now the Museum of Performance & Design), and then the second half assisting the Chitresh Das Dance Company in San Francisco.

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Paul Andrew Thompson 2001

After doing the first of his fellowship with the Dance Division at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Thompson worked on projects with the New Dance Group in New York City.

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Wendy Meegan 2001

Meegan split her fellowship with training received training at Jacob's Pillow, followed by a practicum at the National Dance Museum in Saratoga, NY.

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