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Choreographing Your Search

Dance Collection, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts HOW TO SEARCH

The Dance Collection catalog lists works about all forms of dance, from all cultures, in print and other media. It includes materials in many languages and serves as an index to dance periodicals.

Step 1: Choosing an index for your search

You may search The Dance Catalog by scrolling down the page and clicking on different indexes.

Search Choices

Click on Author to search using the names of writers, artists, composers, organizations (works by an individual or organization).

Click on Author/Title to search using the author's last name first and words from the title.

Click on Title to search using the title phrase of a book, article, videorecording, in correct word order. (For titles of choreographic works, use the subject search.)

Click on Subject to search using titles of choreographic works, subject terms, and individuals (works about).

Click on Journal/Periodical Title to search using the publication's title in correct word order.

Click on Words in Titles, Names, or Subjects to search using words from the title, content notes, organization name, choreographic work, or subject.

Click on Call Number to search using the letters and numbers, including the star (*).

Click on About the Dance Catalog and How to Search It to find out more about how to search.

Click on Go Back to Main Menu to return to CATNYP's catalog menu to search the full NYPL catalog.

More information about searching is available at each index search screen; read it to get more options.

Once you select your index and enter your search terms in the box provided, hit return or enter. The next screen displays your search term in a browse list of index entries.

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