An alliane of major dance collections, formed to document and preserve America's dance.
Dance Heritage Coalition

Choreographing Your Search

How can this tutorial be transferred to the real world?

  • Invesitgate whether you can use your personal internet connection for access to institutional online catalogs, the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, and other internet resources.

  • Inquire at your local library for access to RLIN, OCLC, and the other tools described here.

  • Inquire at your local library about the types of dance materials that might be found in local bibliographic networks.

  • Outline your research goals clearly, and keep a record of your search results.

  • Plan to spend time with archives' and research libraries' staff. Convey to them clearly what you are researching. Outline the search strategies you have used, describe what you have found, and listen to their suggestions for additional research methods.