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Dance Heritage Coalition

Choreographing Your Search

Institutional Online Catalogs

  • More and more libraries, archives, museums, and other research institutions are computerizing their catalogs and indexes to create online catalogs. While most contribute the data from their online catalogs to bibliographic networks, the researcher may find it more convenient to focus on a particular institution's holdings, especially in preparation for a research trip to that institution.

  • The institution's own catalog contains local information pertinent to research visits, such as local call numbers or shelf locations, and the current status of the collection. By using the institution's online catalog to prepare a list of specific items of interest before travel to a collection, the researcher can concentrate on consulting the actual documents. Remember, though, not everything can be found in the online catalog, and queries to the institution's staff are paramount.

  • While search techniques for instititutional online catalogs are similar to those used for bibliographic networks, the Dance Heritage Coalition presents here a few institutional catalogs that may be especially useful to dance researchers.