An alliane of major dance collections, formed to document and preserve America's dance.
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Choreographing Your Search

What is the Dance Collection at the New York Public Library?

  • The Dance Collection, also known as the Dance Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, is the largest research collection in the world devoted to the documentation of dance. While an overview can be seen at the Dance Collection home page, the depth of the collections and continued acquisitions invite the researcher to use the Dance Collection catalog frequently.
What is the Dance Collection Catalog?
  • The Dance Collection online catalog is a part of the New York Public Library Research Libraries catalog, CATNYP. At the opening CATNYP screen, the researcher can choose to search only the Dance Collection holdings by clicking on "Connect to the DANCE COLLECTION CATALOG," an option just below the search boxes for author, title, etc.

  • The Dance Collection cataloging for films and videotapes is very thorough, with extensive contents notes followed by subject entries for dancers and choreographic works.

  • The Dance Collection Catalog is unusual in that it contains many entries (called "analytics") for individual items from large collections of photographs and manuscripts, essays in books, and even journal articles.

  • The tutorial following explains searching for the online version of the catalog in CATNYP, which is updated daily. However,
    • More extensive keyword searching is available in the annual CD-ROM version of the Dance Collection catalog, Dance on Disc, published by G.K. Hall.

    • Each year's new cataloging is published in printed form by G.K. Hall annually in the Bibliographic Guide to Dance.

    • Each year's periodical indexing is extracted and published in printed for by G.K. Hall in the Index to Dance Periodicals.