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OCLC (WorldCat/FirstSearch)

How can I access OCLC?

Since only libraries can subscribe to FirstSearch, you should check with your local library to see if it subscribes, and how the service is available to you. There may be a FirstSearch workstation in your library, or you may connect to FirstSearch through the Internet of a local network. Usually, your local library will have an automatic logon to enter the authorization number and password for FirstSearch access. If you are not sure about the availability of FirstSearch to you, talk to a library staff member about it, or call OCLC at 1-800-848-5878.

What is the OCLC database used for?

Researchers generally use the OCLC WorldCat database to identify works on a subject or by an author, to verify bibliographic information, to compile bibliographies and lists, and/or to locate items held by OCLC member institutions. Most frequent searches are by subject, author, or title.