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Choreographing Your Search

OCLC (WorldCat/FirstSearch)

Exercises for WorldCat using OCLC FirstSearch

  1. Begin with a title search for the book Sources on African and African-related Dance. Look at the subject entries on the catalog record. What library or libraries own the book?

  2. What other subjects might you use to find material on African dance? (Hint: look at the subjects listed for the book in question 1.) Search for one subject, and then try to locate libraries that have films or videotapes on that subject.

  3. Identify items published by the Congress on Research in Dance. (Hint: Search under author and under publisher.)

  4. Search for the title Swan Lake. How many entries did you retrieve?

  5. Limit the Swan Lake result to the publication type recordings. How many entries were found?

  6. Limit the Swan Lake result again, this time to year. Choose 1990- to retrieve items produces since 1990.

  7. From the list of items retrieved, find the title Swan Lake Complete Performance, and answer the following questions:

    1. What is the media (material type) of this title?

    2. How long is it?

    3. What orchestra performs on this recording?

    4. What libraries own this recording?