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What is OCLC?

OCLC, Online Computer Library Center, Inc., is a nonprofit, membership, library computer service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs. By connecting the the OCLC website page, What is OCLC?, you can find out more about OCLC’s membership, history, mission, services, and goals.

OCLC includes a very large bibliographic network, used by many many libraries in the United States and abroad. FirstSearch is the public searching component of OCLC. FirstSearch enables access to a large number of databases for a variety of research needs. Its WorldCat database contains 32 million records, with nearly 700 million locations, for books, periodicals, music scores, visual materials (including films and videotapes), sound recordings, computer data files, computer programs. WorldCat does not include individual articles, stories in journals, magazines, newspapers, or book chapters.

Librarians use other components of the OCLC system for library functions, such as data entry into the system and interlibrary loan.