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What are RLIN and Eureka?

The RLIN database was established in 1974. Its bibliographic file contains catalog records describing books, journals, journal articles, manuscripts and archives, photographs and other visual materials, moving image materials, musical scores, maps, sound recordings, and machine readable data files. RLIN can be used as a cataloging utility by RLG (Research Libraries Group) member libraries, and as a resource by non-member institutions and individual researchers. In 1994, RLIN released Eureka!, a user-friendly telnet-based searching interface. Recently a World Wide Web browser interface for Eureka was released.

What types of databases does RLIN contain?
  • BIBLIOGRAPHIC FILES contain records for items grouped by material type
    • When in RLIN or Eureka, type sho fil {file name} for more information on a specific bibliographic file.
    • To select one or more bibliographic file for searching when in RLIN or Eureka, type sel fil {file name} or sel fil {file name, file name, file name}
      • amc - Archival and Manuscripts Control
      • bks - Books
      • map - Maps
      • mdf - Computer Files
      • rec - Recordings
      • sco - Scores
      • ser - Serials (including magazines, journals, and book series)
      • vim - Visual Materials (including photographs, slides, prints, designs, film and video)
      • cuc - CURL Union Catalogue (Consortium of University Research Libraries, academic and legal deposit libraries throughout Great Britain and Ireland)
      • dbd - Die Deutsche Bibliothek
      • nla - National Library of Australia Catalogue
  • ENGLISH SHORT TITLE CATALOGUE, contains records for works printed in any language in England or its dependencies from the beginning of printing through the end of the eighteenth century, as well as works printed in English anywhere else in the world during that period.
    • For more information on ESTC: sho fil est
    • To select ESTC for searching: sel fil est
  • AUTHORITY FILES contain standard forms of names, subjects, and other terms
    • For more information: cal rlin (aut), then sho fil {file name}
    • To select an authority file: cal rlin (aut), then sel fil {file name}
      • naf - Name Authority File
      • saf - Subject Authority File
      • aat - Art and Architecture Thesaurus
      • sca - SCIPIO Authority File
  • BLACKWELL'S TABLE OF CONTENTS contains records for English-language titles published and distributed by Blackwell's since 1992. For more information when in RLIN or Eureka, type sho fil btc
  • CITADEL FILES contain article-level citations and are available by subscription.
    • For more about a specific file when in RLIN or Eureka, type sho fil {file name}
    • To select a CitaDel file for searching with a subscription in RLIN or Eureka, type sel fil {file name}
      • aai - Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals
      • anl - Anthropological Literature
      • ave - The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
      • cdb - Chicano Database
      • flp - Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
      • fra - FRANCIS (International humanities & social sciences)
      • hap - Hispanic American Periodicals Index
      • hla - Handbook of Latin American Studies
      • hst - History of Science and Technology
      • iin - Inside Information *Plus*
      • ras - Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies
      • sci - SCIPIO: Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogs
      • wli - World Law Index (pt. 1: Index to Hispanic Legislation)