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Choreographing Your Search

Stanford University

You can connect directly to Stanford University and search in real time, following Stanford University's online instructions. While the Web-based catalog, SOCRATES, currently is available only to the Stanford community, a telnet version of the catalog is available to researchers outside Stanford. You can telnet to If you enter socrates at the prompt, then at YOUR RESPONSE: select socrates, the following appears:

-Socrates selected

When you search Socrates, your result will be organized under headings
(authors, titles, subject headings) that group together related library
materials of all types (books, periodicals, maps, etc.).

Though not recommended in general, it is also possible to SELECT one of the
following files where library materials are separated according to format:

Books                     Maps
Serials (periodicals, newspapers)   Films
Scores                     Computer Files
Recordings                Archives (manuscripts)
Type HELP SOCRATES FILES for advice about when to select these files.

For more information on this file: type HELP.
To search this file: type FIND.
To search headings in sequence: type BROWSE.
To select a different file: type SELECT.
To see all your options: type OPTIONS.

At this point, continue your search by typing a command such as find author pecourt.
The following will appear:

Socrates / Search: Find AUTHOR PECOURT
Result filed under 3 headings:

1) Author: Cabanes Pecourt, Ma De Los Desamparados (1 Book)
2) Author: Pecourt, Guillaume Louis, 1653-1729 (27 Books, 4 Scores)
3) Author: Cabanes Pecourt, Maria Desamparados (7 Books)

_________End of headings; press RETURN to see citations for heading 1__________
To see a heading's citations: type D or DF (full) and a heading number.
To see other display options: type HELP or OPTIONS.
To begin a new search: type FIND or BROWSE.

When you type df 2, a list of citations will appear, and you can determine which might be useful to you.