An alliane of major dance collections, formed to document and preserve America's dance.
Dance Heritage Coalition

Choreographing Your Search

What can be learned here?

  • In this Introduction, you will learn basic concepts of archive organization, some terminology used in archives, and the customary procedures for using an archive.

  • In Online Catalogs you will learn about some of the online catalogs that include dance materials, and how to effectively search those online catalogs

  • In Dance Heritage Coalition Finding Aids, you will learn how to use the Dance Heritage Coalition's resource, and can then try a real-time search.

  • Other Catalogs, Indexes and Guides describes only a few of the online, printed, and CD-ROM resources available. Talk to your local archivist or research collection librarian to learn about others.

  • This guide is a tutorial. To become an expert searcher, begin with the resources explained here. Then enhance your work by consulting the staff of archival collections, who truly expect that you will seek their assistance.