An alliane of major dance collections, formed to document and preserve America's dance.
Dance Heritage Coalition

Choreographing Your Search

Why was this tutorial created?

  • One of the goals of the Dance Heritage Coalition is to make primary research materials and dance documentation easier to locate and easier to access. This tutorial is one of a series of projects to increase the accessibility of dance research to a broader community.

  • Catherine Johnson, founding director of the Dance Heritage Coalition, offered the first Choreographing Your Search workshop in the summer of 1993, at New York University, for the Congress on Research in Dance and the Society of Dance History Scholars, with Mary Strow, Virginia Moreland, and Patricia Rader assisting her. Subsequent workshops were offered at Jacobís Pillow, the American Dance Festival, the University of California at Los Angeles, Brigham Young University, and other locations throughout the United States. As part of the Dance Heritage Coalitionís educational outreach, the workshops were practical approaches to searching the richness of our nation's dance heritage, teaching the new methods of online access to dance research collections and archives.

  • The workshops have been replaced by this tutorial. The methods taught in those first seminars, including proprietary catalogs, gopher and telnet, have been largely replaced by the World Wide Web. The increasing standarization of search techniques made possible by World Wide Web is reflected in this tutorial, updated by Catherine Johnson, Michele Forner, Patricia Rader, Mary E. Edsall, and Elizabeth Aldrich.