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Cataloging Moving Image Materials

Access Points (MARC fields 6xx-8xx)

The Dance Heritage Coalition advocates that catalog records provide access to individual choreographic works and to the subject content of the choreographic works and other materials cataloged or described in catalog records. Therefore, be as generous with subject and other added entries as is practical, taking into consideration the relative importance of the work and the constraints of both the national utilities and the system on which you are cataloging. Remember that all access points must be justified within the body of your catalog record.

In the examples that follow, all the possible subject and name headings have not been listed, only the ones that illustrate the field being discussed. For full sample records, see the section at the end of the guidelines. (See AACR2 Chapter 21 for further information on choice of access points.)

8A. Subject added entries (MARC fields 6xx)

Provide personal name (600 field), corporate name (610 field), uniform title (630 field), topical (650 field), geographic (651 field) subject added entries, and genre/form (655 field) index terms, as appropriate, to indicate the content of the work being cataloged. Subject added entries are assigned to a record according to established subject cataloging principles and guidelines (for guidelines in assigning subject headings, see Library of Congress Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings). All such entries are under authority control: use only LC Name Authority File headings (NAF) for fields 600-630, Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) for fields 650 and 651, and Moving Image: Genre/Form Guide (MIGG) for field 655.

When feasible, the use of subdivisions is encouraged in order to improve subject access and facilitate retrieval of items. Specificity can be achieved with the use of general topical or form subject subdivisions (subfield x), chronological subdivisions (subfield y), and geographic subdivisions (subfield z).

8A1. Personal and corporate name subject added entries (MARC fields 600 and 610)

With interviews, documentary works, and other related materials, provide subject added entries for interviewees or other persons who may be considered subjects of the works, including persons or bodies significantly discussed or otherwise examined in the works.

With choreographic works based on specific themes or subjects, provide a subject heading. Alternatively, add the subdivision "Drama" and either the form heading "Feature films" or "Short films" (less than 60 min.), as per LC Subject Cataloging Manual H2230, p. 3.

Examples:245 00 |a Hans Christian Andersen |h [motion picture] /|c Samuel Goldwyn presents; directed by Charles Vidor []
 600 10 |a Andersen, H. C. |q (Hans Christian),|d1805-1875 |x Drama |x Feature films.
 245 02 |a A conversation with Katherine Dunham []
 600 10 |a Dunham, Katherine.
 245 00 |a Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble in performance []
 520 -- |a []Las desenamoradas was inspired by the dramatic play The house of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca.
 600 20 |a García Lorca, Federico, |d 1898-1936.|t House of Bernarda Alba |x Adaptations.

8A2. Uniform title subject added entries (MARC field 630)

A uniform title provides the means to bring together various manifestations of a work under a standardized heading. Make a uniform title subject added entry for a choreographic work if the item cataloged is about a particular choreographic work, e.g., if a documentary or interview features the choreographer discussing the work. If the item includes a performance of the choreographic work, make a uniform title added entry (730, see 8C1). Many uniform title headings for choreographic works have been established in NAF. (For guidelines in establishing authorized uniform title headings, see LCRI 25.5B Uniform Titles for Choreographic Works in Appendix.)

Example:245 00 |a Speaking of dance: Lucas Hoving |h [videorecording]
 520 8- |a An interview with Lucas Hoving and scenes of his composition class, interspersed with excerpts of his performance of Growing up in public, recorded at the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina, on July 19, 1989. This piece, conceived and directed by Remy Charlip, is a monologue in words and movement in which Hoving looks back upon memorable moments of his life. In the interview, he discusses working with Charlip on this piece []
 630 00 |a Growing up in public (Choreographic work : Charlip and Hoving)

8A3. Topical term subject added entries (MARC field 650)

Topical subject added entries may consist of general subject terms including names of events or objects with subdivisions which provide further specificity. When using LCSH, make sure to verify headings through the LC online system, available over the Internet; do not rely on the LCSH "red books". This is particularly necessary with dance-related subject headings, which were recently changed across the board. The term "Dancing" from the red books, for example, was revised to "Dance".

Examples:245 00 |a Music and dance of the Tiskiouine from the Guidmioua Tribe, Grand Atlas, Morocco []
 650 -0 |a Dance |z Morocco |z High Atlas Mountains.
 650 -0 |a Guidmioua tribe |z Morocco |z High Atlas Mountains.
 650 -0 |a Ahouach (Dance)
 650 -0 |a War dance |z Morocco |z High Atlas Mountains.
 245 00 |a Donald McKayle |h [videorecording] / |c[]
 650 -0 |a Choreographers |z United States |x Biography.
 650 -0 |a Dancers |x Biography.
 650 -0 |a Modern dance |z United States.

8A4. Geographic name subject added entries (MARC field 651)

Use geographic name subject added entries to provide access to countries or areas represented in the material being cataloged.

Example:245 00 |a South Africa native dances []
 651 -0 |a South Africa |x Description and travel.
 651 -0 |a Cape Town (South Africa)
 651 -0 |a Table Mountain (Cape of Good Hope, South Africa)
 651 -0 |a Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

8A5. Genre/form index terms (MARC field 655) (7B24)

Use this field for terms indicating the genre, form, and/or physical characteristics of the materials being described. Form and physical characteristic terms designate historically and functionally specific kinds of materials as distinguished by an examination of their physical character, subject of their intellectual content, or the order of information within them. Standard published lists give the terms that are used in this field; the specific list is identified by a code in subfield 2. For moving image materials, use terms from the MIGG thesaurus.

Example:245 00 |a Music and dance of the Tiskiouine form the Guidmioua Tribe, Grand Atlas Morocco []
 655 -7 |a Anthropological films and programs.|2mim

[Another example here?

Although 690 fields may be used for local subject headings, DHC participants should submit subject heading proposals for those headings not available in LCSH, and thus increase future dance access through subject terminology, rather than opt for a local heading that will drop out of the record when placed in the national bibliographic utilities. (See authority section of DHC Cataloging Guidelines for guidance.)

8B. Added Entries for Creative Contributors to the Work

The number of added entries given a specific item will depend on the relative importance of those persons and/or corporate bodies to the work(s) and the size limitations placed on the record by the national utilities and local practice, but should include, at a minimum, the dance company(s), choreographer(s), composer(s), featured performers, producers and directors for released items, and collection name to which the item belongs, if applicable.

Personal and corporate name added entries (MARC fields 700, 710)

Added entries are made for persons and corporate bodies having some form of responsibility for the creation of the work(s) being cataloged. Provide added entries for persons or corporate bodies listed in statements of responsibility in fields 245 subfield c, 505, 508, and 511. Use only controlled headings as found in NAF.

Optionally, use relater terms in subfield "e" to describe the role(s) of the person or corporate body in relationship to the work. If the same person or body fulfills multiple roles, assign multiple relator terms (e.g. if the choreographer also appears in a performing role). Use the relater terms given in the USMARC Code List for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions (LC, 1993), and the additions to the list made by DHC participants (see Relater list in Appendix).

Examples:245 00 |a Symphony in three movements |h [videorecording] / |c [presented by] New York City Ballet ; choreography by George Balanchine ; videotaped by Jay Millard. []
 508 -- |a Music, Igor Stravinsky ; lighting, Mark Stanley.
 511 0- |a Performed by New York City Ballet ; conductor, Hugo Fiorato.
 505 0- |a I [first movement] / performed by Darci Kistler, Kathleen Tracey, Katrina Killian, Albert Evans, Kipling Houston, and Damian Woetzel, with [...] -- II [second movement] / performed by Kistler and Evans -- III [third movement] / performed by entire cast.
 700 1- |a Balanchine, George, |d 1904-1983,|e choreographer.
 700 1- |a Millard, Jay, |e videographer.
 700 1- |a Stravinsky, Igor, |d 1882-1971, |e composer.
 700 1- |a Kistler, Darci, |d 1964- |e dancer.
 700 1- |a Evans, Albert, |e dancer.
 710 2- |a New York City Ballet.
 245 02 |a A conversation with Katherine Dunham |h [videorecording] /|c American Dance Festival.
 520 -- |a An informal interview of Katherine Dunham, hosted by Dr. Gerald and Martha Myers and open to the entire ADF community.
 600 10 |a Dunham, Katherine.
 700 1- |a Dunham, Katherine, |e interviewee.
 700 1- |a Myers, Gerald, |e interviewer.
 700 1- |a Myers, Martha, |e interviewer.
 710 2- |a American Dance Festival, |e presenter.
 245 00 |a Hans Christian Andersen |h [videorecording] /|c Samuel Goldwyn presents ; directed by Charles Vidor ; produced by Samuel Goldwyn ; screenplay by Moss Hart.
 508 -- |a Words and music by Frank Loesser ; choreography by Roland Petit ; [...]
 511 1- |a Danny Kaye (Hans Christian Andersen), Farley Granger (Nils), Jeanmaire (Doro), [...] Erik Bruhn (The Hussar), Roland Petit (The Prince [...]
 700 1- |a Vidor, Charles, |d 1900-1959, |e director.
 700 1- |a Goldwyn, Samuel, |d 1882-1974, |e producer.
 700 1- |a Hart, Moss, |d 1904-1961, |e author of screenplay.
 700 1- |a Loesser, Frank, |d1910-1969, |e lyricist, |e composer.
 700 1- |a Petit, Roland, |d1924- |e choreographer, |e dancer.
 700 1- |a Kaye, Danny, |e actor, |e dancer.
 700 1- |a Granger, Farley, |e actor.
 700 1- |a Jeanmaire, Zizi, |d 1924- |e dancer, |e actor.
 700 1- |a Bruhn, Erik, |d 1928- |e dancer.
 710 2- |a Kaye (Danny)/Fine (Sylvia) Collection (Library of Congress) |5 DLC
 245 00 |a Music and dance of the Tiskiouine from the Guidmioua Tribe, Grand Atlas, Morocco [...]
 511 0- |a Tiskiouine from the Guidmioua Tribe. Performers: [...]
 520 8- |a [...] Collected by Paul Bowles. [...]
 700 1- |a Bowles, Paul, |d 1910- |e ethnographer.
 710 2- |a Tiskiouine of the Guidmioua Tribe (Dance group),|e performers.
 710 2- |a Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) |5 DLC

8C. Title added entries (MARC fields 730, 740)

Make title added entries for works contained in the items being cataloged, particularly choreographic works, that are not included in the main entry (240 or 130). Title added entries may be uniform titles for choreographic works or uncontrolled titles for variant and other forms of title access.

8C1. Uniform title added entries (MARC field 730)

Make a uniform title added entry for any choreographic work contained in the item being cataloged (for information about authorized form of uniform title headings see 630 field, 8A2).

Example:245 00 |a Erick Hawkins Dance Company |h [videorecording] /|c choreography and artistic direction by Erick Hawkins [...]
 505 0- |a Cassette 1. Intensities of space, and wind (ca. 17 min.) / music, [...] -- Each time you carry me this way (ca. 26 min.) / music, [...] --
 505 8- |a Many thanks (ca. 13 min.) / performed in silence [...] --New moon (ca. 29 min.) / [...]
 730 0- |a Intensities of space, and wind (Choreographic work : Hawkins)
 730 0- |a Each time you carry me this way (Choreographic work : Hawkins)
 730 0- |a Many thanks (Choreographic work : Hawkins)
 730 0- |a New moon (Choreographic work : Hawkins)

8C2. Uncontrolled related/analytical title added entries (MARC field 740)

Record uncontrolled (not under authority control) related or analytical titles for items to which you wish to proved access, such as uncontrolled titles for works contained in the item being cataloged, e.g., titles of songs that provide music for dance numbers in feature musical films. Variant forms of the title of the item being cataloged are entered in field 246 (see 1H). Uniform titles which are under authority control are entered in field 730 (see 8C1). Initial articles are not recorded in field 740 unless the intent is to sort on the article. See examples below for the difference between uniform title (730 field) and related title (740 field) added entries.

Examples:245 00 |a Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble in performance at [...]
 505 0- |a Sombra y sol : images of Frida Kahlo / choreography, Donald McKayle ; [...]
 505 8- |a The beloved / choreography, Lester Horton ; [...]
 505 8- |a Las desenamoradas / choreography, Eleo Pomare ; [...]
 505 8- |a Choros / choreography, Katherine Dunham ; [...]
 505 8- |a Beyond a cliff : a tribute to Jeraldyne Blunden / choreography, Dwight Roden ; [...]
 505 8- |a Ellingtonia / choreography, Talley Beatty ; [...]
 730 0- |a Sombra y sol : images of Frida Kahlo (Choreographic work : McKayle)
 730 4- |a Beloved (Choreographic work : Horton)
 730 4- |a Desenamoradas (Choreographic work : Pomare)
 730 0- |a Choros (Choreographic work : Dunham)
 730 0- |a Beyond a cliff : a tribute to Jeraldyne Blunden (Choreographic work : Rhoden)
 730 0- |a Ellingtonia (Choreographic work : Beatty)
 740 0- |a Images of Frida Kahlo.
 740 0- |a Tribute to Jeraldyne Blunden.
 245 00 |a Hans Christian Andersen |h [motion picture] /|c[...]
 505 8- |a Dance and musical numbers: [...] Thumbelina / performed by Kaye -- Ice skating ballet / danced by Jeanmaire, Erik Bruhn, and ensemble -- [Fantasy fight ballet] / danced by [...] -- Wedding fantasy / danced by Kaye, Jeanmaire, and ensemble -- No two people / sung by Kaye, Jeanmaire, and chorus -- Little mermaid ballet / danced by Jeanmaire, Roland Petit, Betty Uitti, Jack Claus, and ensemble.
 730 0- |a Little mermaid ballet (Choreographic work : Petit)
 730 0- |a Ice skating ballet (Choreographic work : Petit)
 730 0- |a Wedding fantasy (Choreographic work : Petit)
 740 0- |a Thumbelina.
 740 0- |a No two people.
 245 00 |a Fine & Danny |h [videorecording] /|c Dena Pictures.
 505 0- |a "Happy ending" from On the Riviera (1951) [...] -- "Melody in 4-F" from Up in arms (1944) [...] -- "Theater lobby number" from Up in arms (6 min.) -- [...]
 520 -- |a Compilation of musical and dance numbers from various films, featuring Danny Kaye and written by his wife, Sylvia Fine.
 730 0- |a On the Riviera (Motion picture).|t Selections.
 730 0- |a Up in arms (Motion picture).|t Selections.

8D. Host item entry (MARC field 773)

This field contains information concerning the host item for the component part described in the record. The field is provided in order to enable the user to locate the record that contains the component part being described. Since the information in this field is coded, the relationship between the host item and the component part may be described in the linking entry complexity note (580 field, see 7B35).

[Need examples]

8E. Location (MARC field 852)

Optionally, use this field to give information required to locate material being cataloged. The information may identify the organization holding the material or the source from which it is available.

Examples:852 -- |b Dance Collection, |a The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, |c 40 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, New York 10023-7498.
 852 -- |a Library of Congress |b Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division |e Washington, D.C. 20540 USA |n dcu

8F. Electronic location and access (MARC field 856)

This field contains the information required to locate an electronic resource, such as a finding aid, or a digitized version of the item, available electronically. The data in field 856 may be a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which is recorded in subfield "u" or it may parse the necessary locator information into separate defined subfields. Guidelines for the use of field 856 have been prepared by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress.

Example:245 00 |a Turkish dance, Ella Lola /|c Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
 856 7- |d varsmp |d 1347 |2 file