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Cataloging Manuscript And Archival Materials

Physical Description Area (MARC field 300)

1.5B. Statement of extent (300 subfield a) [4.5B]

1.5B1. Collections of archival material [4.5B2]

Give the extent in terms of the number of linear or cubic feet occupied or in terms of the exact or approximate number of items in the collection. If the statement of extent for a collection is given in terms of one unit of measurement and additional information in terms of another unit of measurement is required or desirable, add this additional information in parentheses. Express fractions of linear or cubic feet as decimals.

Examples:300 -- |a87 items (0.5 linear ft.)
 300 -- |aca. 10,200 items (14.7 cubic ft.)
300 -- |a14.7 cubic ft. (ca. 10,200 items)
 300 -- |a6.5 linear ft.
 300 -- |a6 v. (1.5 linear ft.)
 300 -- |a12 linear ft. (36 boxes)

If a collection consists of more than one type of material and each is measured in a different way, give separate statements of extent.

Example:300 -- |aca. 1500 items
 300 -- |a2 microform reels
 (The collection consists of ca. 1500 items and 2 microfilm reels.)

Optionally, if separate statements of extent are given and it is desirable to associate each statement of extent with a specific type of material, give the type of material as an introductory word or phrase. Use this option for the physical description of performance records. Subfield 3 (materials specified) may be used as the first subfield to indicate the part of the described collection to which the field applies.

Example:300 -- |3Letters:|a0.5 linear ft.
 300 -- |3Choreographic notes:|a5 v.
 300 -- |3Drawings:|a3 items.

1.5B1a. Groups of materials describing a single performance, choreographic work or event.

Give separate statements of extent for groups of materials gathered to document a single performance or event (or a number of performances of a single performance work.)

Example:245 00 |a Bedros Haroutunian performing Armenian music, April 22, 1939 []
 300 -- |3 Sound recordings |a on 4 sides of 2 sound discs ;}banalog, 78 rpm ;|c12 In.
 300 -- |3 Manuscripts |a 8 items :|b 20 x 20 cm. or smaller.
 300 -- |3 Photographs |a 12 photographic prints :|b b&w ;|c 8 x 10 in. or smaller.
 300 -- |3 Technical drawings |a 7 leaves :|c 95 x 70 cm. or smaller.

1.5B2. Single manuscripts [4.5B1]

Describe an individual letter, diary, scrapbook, etc., as one item or volume. When known, add in parentheses the number of pages or leaves with text on them or the number or approximate number of items in a volume.

Examples:300 -- |a 1 item (47 p.)
 300 -- |a 1 v. (32 leaves)
 300 -- |a 1 v. (ca. 500 items)

1.5B3. Microform and other copies of archival material.

If a repository holds both the original and microform or digitized copies of material (and is describing both in the same bibliographic record), the extent is expressed in two separate statements.

Example:300 -- |3 Originals: |a 450 items.
 300 -- |3 Copies: |a 2 microform reels.

[Need example of digitized copy record from Library of Congress]

If repository holds only microform or digitized copy of original archival material held elsewhere, give as the chief statement of extent the number of microform reels, microfilm cassettes or cartridges, microfiches, etc., as appropriate. If the extent of the original material is known, give this information in a scope and content note (520 field, see 1.7B2).

1.5C. Other physical details (300 subfield b) [4.5C]

Give any other physical details considered important (e.g., type of paper, illustrations). If a microform is negative, give that information.

Examples:300 -- |a20 leaves :|bill.
 300 -- |a1 microfilm reel :|bnegative.

1.5D. Dimensions (300 subfield c) [4.5D]

Optionally, give the dimensions of items, volumes, or containers according to the following guidelines. Do not confuse statements of extent with dimensions. The linear or cubic footage of a collection is an expression of its overall extent. Dimensions relate only to the size of the containers in which the materials are stored.

1.5D1. Collections of archival materials

Optionally, if the size of the items or volumes given in the statement of extent is uniform, give that size in centimeters. If the size is not uniform, give the size of the largest item, and add "or smaller". Give the size in terms of height. Add the width if it is either less than half the height, or greater than the height. If cubic measurement is needed, add the width and the depth.

Examples:300 -- |a6 v. ;|c30 cm.
 300 -- |a20 items ;|c20 x 30 cm.

1.5D2. Single manuscripts

Give the height of single unbound manuscripts in centimeters to the next whole centimeter up. Add the width if it is less than half the height or greater than the height. If the manuscript is kept folded, add the dimensions when folded.

Examples:300 -- |a1 item (6 p.) ;|c24 cm.
 300 -- |a1 item (12 leaves) ;|c20 cm. folded to 10 x 12 cm.

1.5D3. Microforms

Give the width of a microfilm in millimeters. Optionally, give the width of a microfilm only if it is other than 35 mm. For rules on recording the dimensions of other types of microforms, see APPM 1.5D3.

1.6. Organization and arrangement of materials (MARC field 351) (1.7B7)

Record information about the organization and arrangement of the materials being described. Organization (subfield a) relates to the manner in which the materials have been subdivided into smaller units, such as series, subseries, and record groups. Arrangement (subfield b) relates to the pattern of arrangement (e.g., alphabetical, chronological, etc.) of materials within the unit described.

Examples:245 00 |a American Ballet Theatre records, |f 1936-1978, |g (bulk 1936-ca. 1967)
 351 -- |a Organized in ten series: I. Mikhail Mordkin/Mordkin Ballet; II. Artists; III. Productions; IV. Bookings: Tours and Seasons; V. Administration []
 245 00 |a Arthur Mitchell papers, |f 1951-1965.
 351 -- |b Arrangement is chronological and by subject.

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