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Cataloging Graphic Materials

DRAFT 6/9/97

Title (MARC field 245, 246)

1B. Title proper (245 subfield a) [8.1B]

1B1. Title proper is transcribed from the chief source of information for single items. If the title in the source disagrees with one or more other sources, give information about variant title(s) in varying form of title field (246, 1H). When no title for a single item is in the chief source, but one is transcribed from another source, enclose it in brackets and cite the source in a general 500 note (see 5B1). When a label or writing on a drawing or photograph, not necessarily intended as a title, is descriptive, this information may be added by the cataloger for clarity.

1B1.6. Title elements scattered by layout or typography

Frequently theatrical posters will have scattered title elements. Deduce a logical sequence and record the titles in semantic order, preferably company name, production title, venue, date (or production title, company name, venue, date).

1B2. When a collection of graphic items is acquired with a title specified by the donor or source, transcribe it as the title or use a suitable collective title as it appears on the collection.

1C. Devising titles

If a collection of graphic items lacks a title, supply a title by which the collection is known or a title indicating the nature of the collection. For formulating titles for a collection grouped by production, devise a brief descriptive title and record it without brackets. Use a brief title of the choreographic work or performance followed by a brief description of the type of material.

Examples:245 00 |a Planetomania, costume and set designs for International Ballet []
 245 00 |a Airs de ballet, performed by the San Francisco Ballet :|b a collection of photographs []

For single items with no title information in the chief source (design itself, accompanying material, etc.), devise a brief descriptive title and enclose it in brackets.

Example:245 00 |a [Costume design for female dancer ]

1D. General Material Designation [GMD] (245 subfield h) [8.1C]

Generally do not use a GMD for graphic materials. Because the GMD [Graphic] may be confusing to the researcher, prefer identifying the graphic nature of the material in the title itself, as well as in the physical description area (300 field, see 3B).

1G. Statements of responsibility (245 subfield c) [8.1F, 1.1F]

Record the name of the photographer, artist or designer responsible for the graphic work in the statement of responsibility if known, as it appears on the item or accompanying material. Record statements of responsibility relating to the production depicted in the graphic work in a creation/production credits note (508 field, see 5B7a) or a participant or performers note (511 field, see 5B7b).

Example:245 00 |a Planetomania :|b costume and set designs for International Ballet /|c Doris Zinkeisen.

1G4. Record the statements of responsibility in the order in which they appear on the item, or in other sources.

Example:245 00 |a Mademoiselle Taglioni [as "Flore"] / |c lithograph by R.J. Lane after A.E. Chalon.

1G5. When up top three persons or corporate bodies are responsible for the same function, record all the names in the statement of responsibility. If, however, the number of responsible persons or bodies is more than three or some are unidentified, record the names in a note

Example:245 00 |a Nutcracker, performed by New York City Ballet / |c photographs by Jack Mitchell, Nan Melville, and Martha Swope.

Example:245 00 |a Latin American festivals and folk dance photographs
 500|a Photographs by various identified and unidentified field and news photographers including Leah Marie Boehm, Amber Cualfield, Marissa de Leon, John Franklin, and Carl Weinrothe
 500|a Dances depicted included the Cuando and the Pericon

1G8. Add a word or short phrase in brackets to the statement of responsibility when the relationship between the title and the person(s) or body (bodies) named in the statement is not clear.

Example:245 00 |a Merce Cunningham, City Center / |c [poster designed by] Jasper Johns.

1H. Varying form of title (MARC field 246)

Use this field to note varying forms of the title associated with the item, whether they are or are not on the item. These variant titles are recorded in field 246 only if they differ substantially from the title statement in field 245 and if they contribute to the further identification of the item. The first indicator position contains a value that indicates whether a note and/or added entry is generated from the field. The second indicator position contains a value that specifies the type of title recorded in this field. It is used to generate a display constant that generally precedes titles when notes are generated from this field. Initial articles (e.g., The, La) are not recorded in field 246 unless the intent is to sort on the article (e.g., El Cid).

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