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Cataloging Moving Image Materials

Notes (MARC fields 5xx)

If a specific MARC field is available for a particular type of note, use that field rather than the generic 500. For example, record cast and performance credits in the 511 and 508 fields (see 7B8), not in a 500 field. Subfield 3 (materials specified) may be used as the first subfield in a note to indicate the part of the described item or collection to which the note applies. Use subfield 5 for notes that do not apply to a universal description of the item.

Order of notes: When recording notes which further describe data elements already found in the catalog record, follow the sequence of the catalog record whenever possible, e.g. title, statement of responsibility(s), edition/version, date, physical description, etc. (7A3).

Generally, follow AMIM guidelines for the note area. Discussion here will be limited to those notes which are of particular importance to performing arts catalog records and/or need clarification.

There are display constants inherent in some MARC fields that may be implemented differently in different systems. Where prescribed or recommended introductory wording is generated by a given system implementation, such wording should not be incorporated in the cataloging itself. In some instances (see participant or performer note, 7B8b) a desired heading may vary from the display constant supplied. In these cases use the appropriate indicator to suppress the display constant and provide the desired wording.

7B1-3. General note (MARC field 500)

Make general notes for the following:

1. Source of title, if it does not appear on item (7B5) [7.7B3]

Example:500 -- |a Title from accompanying program.

2. Title information considered significant in terms of potential access which is not contained in a note generated from the varying form of title field (246 field, see 1H).

Example:500 -- |a Shooting title in Biograph Co. production records : Princess Rajah, dance with chair.

3. History of editions/versions (7B9) [7.7B7]

Example:500 ñ Television version of stage work first performed in 1965, with choreography by Merce Cunningham, music by John Cage, and film sequences by Stan VanDerBeek.

4. Accompanying material not mentioned in the physical description area or in a specific note (7B13) [7.7B11]

Example:300 -- 1 reel (5 min., 186 ft.) : |b si. at sd. speed. b&w. ; |c16 mm.
 500 -- Accompanied by descriptive pamphlet in German (see *MGS (General) Encyclopedia cinematographica) and by unsynchronized phonotape (see *MGZT S-86)

5. Reference sources used that are not specifically given in another note. LC uses a formal note for this information:

Example:500 -- |a Sources used to identify dance: H. Tracey. African dances of the Witwatersrand gold mines, 1952; H. Tracey. Catalogue: the sound of Africa series, 1973; Standard encyclopedia of Southern Africa, 1970; South Africa in focus, 1996

6. Further information on any area of the record considered significant but not covered by specific notes described below, e.g. statement of responsibility (7B8) [7.7B6], production/release information (7B11) [7.7B9], or physical description (7B12) [7.7B10].

Examples:500 -- |a Probable production date from related manuscript materials.
 500 -- |a Includes commercials.
 500 -- |a35 mm. ref print is in the original VistaVision format.|5DLC

7B4. Language note (MARC field 546) [7.7B2]

Give language or languages of the spoken, sung, or written content of a film or videorecording unless they are apparent from the rest of the description.

Example:546 -- |a In Berber language.

7B8. Statements of responsibility [7.7B6]

For videorecordings or films of a single choreographic piece or ethnographic dance, provide a creation/production credits note in field 508 and a participant or performer note in field 511 (see 7B8a and 7B8b).

For videorecordings or films of multiple choreographic pieces or ethnographic dances, provide separate 505 contents notes for each piece, with the statement of responsibility of the contents note providing cast/performer and credit information (see 7B20).

7B8a. Creation/production credits note (MARC field 508)

List persons or corporate bodies who have contributed to the off-screen production of a film or videorecording, whose functions are considered of importance, and who are not listed in the statement of responsibility (245 field, subfield c) or other areas of the catalog record (e.g. statements of responsibility in contents notes). Credits in this field may include voice-over, or off-screen narrators and rehearsal directors. List credits as they appear on the item or in other sources.

Examples:508 -- |a Composer in residence, Lucia Dlugoszewski ; lighting, Robert Engstrom.
 508 -- |a Art directors, Richard Day and Clave ; film editor, Daniel Mandell ; ballet costumes designed by Clave, executed by Madame Karinska ; orchestrations by Jerome Moross.

7B8b. Participant or performer note (MARC field 511)

List actors, dancers, singers, performers, announcers, and other on-screen participants in a film or videorecording who are not previously listed in the catalog record, including on-screen narrators, hosts, and guests. List these credits as they appear on the item or in other sources.

The display constant "Cast:" is generated with a first indicator of "1." If applicable, include the name of the character or role in parentheses following the name of the cast member. For documentation of dance works it is preferred that the "Cast:" display constant be suppressed by using a first indicator of "0." A more suitable term can then be substituted for "Cast:", such as "Dancers:", "Performers:", "Guests:", "Voices:", etc.

In order to avoid confusing and hard-to-read catalog records, create separate 511 cast notes for performing members of different companies or groups. Similarly, with multiple-work items and lengthy credits, list the members dancing with the company(s) for the entire performance in 511 notes rather than the individual contents notes (505 field, see 7B20).

Examples:511 1- |a Danny Kaye (Hans Christian Andersen), Farley Granger (Nils), Jeanmaire (Doro), Erik Bruhn (The Hussar), Roland Petit (The Prince in "The Little Mermaid" ballet), [...]
 511 0- |a Dancers: Dawn Wood (Mother); Calvin Norris Young (Suitor); Gina Gardner, Sheri Williams, Shonna Matlock, Renee Brown, Shana Bloodsaw (The Daughters); Allen Gartrell, Brian Keith, E.T. Burden (The Imagined).
 511 0- |a Dancers: Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: Kevin D. Ward, Debbie Blunden-Diggs, Dawn Wood, [...]
 511 0- |a Dancers: Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble: [...]
 511 0- |a Danced by the Erick Hawkins Dance Company ; accompanied by the Hawkins Theater Orchestra ; conductor, David Briskin.
 511 0- |a Guests: Carol Lawrence, Joe & Eddie.
 511 0- |a Performers: Paul Weston and his orchestra, the Tony Charmoli Dancers, the Johnny Mann singers.

7B9. Funding information note (MARC field 536)

Use this field, as applicable, when the described material results from a funded project.

Examples:536 -- |a Recorded with the assistance of grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Charles E. Culpepper Foundation.
 536 -- |a World premiere of Ellingtonia was commissioned by the ADF with generous support form the Lila Wallace-Readerís Digest Fund for the development of national audiences through ADFís Black Tradition in American Modern Dance on Tour program. Additional support provided by Denver Ballet Guild.

7B10/7B11. Date/time and place of an event note (MARC field 518) [7.7B9]

Include a note on the date/time and/or place of creation, capture, or broadcast of the item, if such information is considered important and is not included elsewhere in the record, e.g., the title area for event-based recordings.

Examples:518 -- |a Videotaped in performance at New York State Theater, New York, on June 12, 1993 (evening), during the New York City Ballet's Balanchine Celebration.
 518 -- |a Recorded in Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC on June 17, 1994.
 518 -- |a Filmed in South Africa and Southern Rhodesia during Kaye's 1954 trip for UNICEF.

7B17. References to published reviews or descriptions note (MARC field 510)

Similar in purpose to a 500 "Sources used" note, this field is reserved for published reviews, articles, or other citations describing the work being cataloged. Cite a published source when it would substantiate information provided by the cataloger. Use this field with discretion; do not seek the information unnecessarily. This field has a display constant "Reference:".

Example:510 4- |a Dance magazine, |c v. 28, no. 10, p. 105 (Apr. 1994)

7B19. Summary and subject description note (MARC field 520) [7.7B17]

Give information about the subject content of the item, based upon viewing and/or program notes, if that information is not provided sufficient access through contents notes or another area of the catalog record. Such notes are used to justify subject added entries that provide access to the subject content of the work. Summaries can be used to further explain the scope of the item, as well as to outline plot or context of ethnographic event.

Examples:520 -- |a Musical comedy featuring Kaye in a parody of a Russian ballet and a vaudeville tap dance number to the title song. American ventriloquist Jerry Morgan, traveling [...]
 520 -- |a The Beloved was inspired by a newspaper article which told of a religious bigot who accused his wife of adultery; Las Desenamoradas was inspired by the dramatic play The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca.
 520 -- |a The guests, who gained fame as performers of street dancing, define various forms, such as popping, locking, and breaking, and describe some basic movements. [...]
 520 -- |a Amateur or home movie footage of a performance of South African tribal dancing, most likely at a gold mine near Johannesburg. Shows various groups of male dancers [...]
 245 00 |a Fine & Danny |h [videorecording] /|c Dena Pictures.
 520 --|a Compilation of musical and dance numbers from various films, featuring Danny Kaye and written by his wife, Sylvia Fine.

7B20. Contents note (MARC field 505) [7.7B18] See also AMIM 1F2.4/5.

For film or videorecordings of multiple choreographic works, provide a formatted contents note for each piece with the title, appropriate statements of responsibility, and duration, if known. Suppress the display constant "Contents:" on all but the first 505 field by using a first indicator of "8."

Example:245 00 |a Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble in performance at [...]
 505 0- |a Sombra y sol : images of Frida Kahlo / choreography, Donald McKayle ; music, Aaron Copland ; costume design, Elizabeth Novak ; lighting design, Keith Rice ; performed by the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble.
 505 8- |a The beloved / choreography, Lester Horton ; music, Judith Hamilton ; lighting, John Rensel ; performed by Dawn Wood, Calvin Norris Young, and the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.
 505 8- |a Las desenamoradas / choreography, costume and set design, Eleo Pomare ; music, John Coltrane ; lighting design, Ken Keith ; performed by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.
 511 0- |a Dancers for the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble: Marceline Freeman, Daniel Marshall, Randy Brooks, Gary Lewis, [...]
 511 0- |a Dancers for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: Kevin D. Ward, Dawn M. Wood, [...]

Optionally, if it does not make the catalog record too unwieldy, a single 505 note may contain more than one piece.

Examples:505 0- |a Cassette 1 (ca. 62 min.): Object dances / choreography, Amy White ; performed by White and Kate Foley -- Solo dada / performed by John Wilson -- Home style / choreography, Alison Salzinger ; performed by Salzinger and Daniel McIntosh -- The hairy hide : a puppet satire / performed by Bernice Silver.
 245 00 |a Dances from northeast Brazil [Ö]
 505 0- |a Babassuê (Belém do Pará) -- Brinquedo da Barca (João Pessoa) -- Reis do Congo de Pombal (Paraíba) -- Detalhes do carnaval de Recife (Pernambuco) [Ö]

For compilation film or videotape of excerpts, format the contents note as appropriate in order to identify the individual pieces. Guidelines on structuring contents notes are vague, leaving the cataloger to decide on the best approach to the item in hand. Below, for example, are two different approaches to a contents note for a compilation of musical excerpts from theatrical feature films. The first largely follows the example given in AMIM 7B20, featuring copyright information; the second instead focuses on the credits for the excerpts:

Examples:245 00 |a [Ginger Rogers compilation]|h[motion picture] /|c RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
 505 0- |a (Reel 1) Flying down to Rio -- excerpt, RKO Radio Pictures,Inc.; 29Dec33; LP4408, dance: The Carioca (374 ft.). The gay divorcee -- excerpt, RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.; 11Oct34; LP5063, [beginning credits] (12 ft.), dance: Night and day (457 ft.) -- (Reel 2) The gay divorcee, dance: The Continental (855 ft.) -- (Reel 3) Roberta -- excerpt, RKO Radio Pictures [...]
 245 00 |a Fine & Danny|h[videorecording] /|cDena Pictures.
 505 0- |a "Happy ending" from On the Riviera (1951) / 20th Century-Fox ; music and lyrics by Sylvia Fine ; dances staged by Jack Cole (3 min.) -- [...] "All about you" from Knock on wood (1954) / Dena Productions ; words and music by Sylvia Fine ; dances and musical numbers staged by Michael Kidd (2 min.) -- Ballet parody from Knock on wood (5 min.) -- [...]

For theatrical feature films, particularly musicals, that contain dance numbers, create a contents note listing those sections of the work and corresponding performance credits. Suppress the display constant "Contents:" and construct a more appropriate header.

Example:505 8- |a Dance and musical numbers: On the Riviera / sung by Danny Kaye and chorus -- Rhythm of a new romance / sung by Kaye ; danced by Kaye, Gwen Verdon, Ellen Ray, Rosario Imperio, and ensemble -- Ballin' the jack / performed by Kaye -- Popo the puppet / performed by Kaye, Verdon, Ray, and a third female dancer -- Happy ending / sung by Kay and chorus ; danced by Kaye, Verdon, Ray, Ethel Martin, George Martin, Buzz Miller, and ensemble.

The contents note may be more descriptive, particularly for untitled works, instead of providing titled and credited segments. In the following example, the contents note was formatted by groups of dancers; the clothing and performance of each group was then discussed in comparative detail in the summary note. Titles of songs or dances themselves may also be used, if known.

Example:245 00 |a South Africa native dances.
 505 0- |a Group 1: three dancers in front of seated dancers and standing musicians (5 ft.), solo dancer in front of same group (17 ft.), Danny Kaye at performance (8 ft.) -- Group 2: large group of dancers in front of standing musicians (9 ft.), Kaye in audience (6 ft.) -- Group 3: [...]

7B23. With note (MARC field 501) [7.7B21]

When two or more separately cataloged works are contained in a single item, give the title(s) of the other separate works in a note on each catalog record. Subfield 5 can be used for notes that do not apply to a universal description of the item.

Example:501 -- |a On videocassette with: Again we wander -- Playground Mayday. |5 DLC

7B31. Immediate source of acquisition note (MARC field 541) (7B28. Collection)

Information on the collection to which the item being cataloged belongs and the item's acquisition may be combined in field 541. Give date of receipt, method of acquisition (e.g., gift, purchase, deposit, preservation, etc.), and collection name or other source of acquisition.

Optionally, this information may be included in holdings format or in private notes, or at the end of a provenance note. Use subfield 3 to indicate part of described item or collection to which the note applies.

Examples:541 -- |3 Ref print; |d received: 9/30/92;|c gift, paperwork in ACQ: Kaye, Danny file; |a Kaye (Danny)/Fine (Sylvia) Collection.
 541 -- |3 3/4 in. viewing copy and 1 in. master |d received: 4/10/87 from LC video lab; |c preservation; |a Copyright Collection.

The collection name may also be given as a corporate added entry.

Examples:710 2- |a Kaye (Danny)/Fine (Sylvia) Collection (Library of Congress) |5 DLC
 710 2- |a Copyright Collection (Library of Congress) |5 DLC

7B28. Provenance note (MARC field 561)

Provide information concerning the history of the described materials from the time of their creation to the time of their accessioning, including the time at which individual items or groups of items were first brought together. Optionally, include information regarding the immediate source of acquisition.

[Need example]

7B29. Restrictions on access note (MARC field 506)

If applicable, give information about restrictions imposed on access to the described materials. If the restrictions are lengthy, simply indicate that restrictions exist and refer the user to the appropriate paperwork or person. Introduce the note by the word "Restricted:" so as to alert the user.

Examples:506 -- |a Restricted: Permission of donor required for viewing.
 506 -- |a Restricted: May be viewed for research purposes only.
 506 -- |a Restricted: See reference librarian.

7B30. Terms governing use and reproduction note (MARC field 540)

If applicable, give information about terms governing the use of the described materials after access has been provided, e.g. copying or duplicating restrictions.

Examples:540 -- |a Copyright restrictions: copied only by |b ADF.
 540 -- |a Restricted: clearance for use in broadcasting must be reviewed by |b ADF and the company.

7B32. Location of associated archival materials note (MARC field 544)

Give the location of any associated archival materials, e.g. manuscript holdings such as scripts, posters, stills, press books, etc.

Example:544 -- |d Scripts and music scores for this show held by |a Music Division, Library of Congress.

7B34. Finding aids note (MARC field 555)

Give the availability and location of existing finding aids or collection registers for the described material. Use first indicator 0 to get display constant of "Finding aids:"; first indicator 8 to suppress a display constant. For information about finding aids available electronically, see Electronic location and access (856 field, see 8F).

Example:555 8- |a Finding aid |b available from Music Division, Library of Congress.

7B35. Linking entry complexity note (MARC field 580)

Give information about the relationship between the item described in the record and a larger unit to which it belongs. This field is used in conjunction with host item entry (773 field, see 8D for further description and examples).

7B36. Action note (MARC field 583)

Optionally, provide information about processing, reference, and preservation actions relating to an item or a collection. For those using the field to record preservation activities, a Standard Terminology for USMARC Field 583 list is available. Use of this field is contingent on the capabilities of your cataloging system.

[Need example?]

7B37. Local note (MARC field 590-599)

Fields 590-599 are reserved for local use and local definition. These fields may contain copy specific and/or holdings information.