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Cataloging Printed Materials


This working document for guidelines for the cataloging of performing arts printed materials has been developed by the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) during the course of a cooperative cataloging project "Access to Dance Research Resources". Participants in the DHC project met to discuss cataloging practice and problems related to the cataloging of printed materials documenting performance. This working document responds to issues raised during meetings and suggests guidelines for applying existing rules to performing arts materials (excepting music materials which are covered by publications of the Music Library Association).

The guidelines continue to develop as cataloging work is undertaken by and input is received from DHC project sites. This working document is distributed for catalogers at each participating institution for review in relation to work they are currently undertaking or have undertaken in the past to determine the relevance, accuracy, applications, and usefulness of the guidelines to the special cataloging needs of dance and other performing arts documentation. The guidelines are intended to simplify and standardize cataloging practices for printed materials among the DHC institutions and other institutions holding performing arts material.

The guidelines in this draft are based on rules found in Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed., 1988 revision, including 1993 amendments (hereafter referred to as AACR2). Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books, 2nd ed., 1991 (DCRB) has been used for librettos and broadside playbills. This document follows the basic structure of AACR2, with the corresponding AACR2 rules given in brackets, e.g. [2.1F, 1.1F]. If there are separate rules for particular types of printed materials, they are broken down through an additional numbering sequence.

In the USMARC examples that follow, | indicates a field delimiter and [...] indicates an ellipsis.

For readability, a space has been included following the field delimiters. Please follow the directions for the rules of punctuation and the cataloging system to which you are inputting for appropriate spacing.

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