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Cataloging Printed Materials

Publication, Distribution, Etc. (MARC field 260)

3A. General rule [2.4B, 1.4B]

Use the publication, distribution, etc., area to record information about the place, name, and date of publication and/or distribution as well as printing activities considered important.

3B. Place of publication, distribution, etc. (260 subfield a) [2.4C, 1.4C]

Record the place of publication, distribution, etc., of a published item in the form in which it appears in the source. Add the name of the country, state, province, etc., if it is considered necessary for identification. When no place or probable place can be supplied, give the abbreviation "s.l." in brackets.

3B1. For individual playbills or programs, supply the place of distribution if known.

3C. Name of publisher, distributor, etc. (260 subfield b) [2.4D, 1.4D]

Transcribe the name of the publisher or distributor in the full form in which it appears in the source. If publisher is unknown, supply the abbreviation "s.n." in brackets. For playbills and programs, consider the theater, company or producing organization as a publisher or distributor if a specific publisher is not indicated on the item.

3D. Date of publication, distribution, etc. (260 subfield c) [2.4F, 1.4F]

Give the date or span dates of commercial publication, etc. as a year or years. Add the date of copyright following the publication date if they differ. When no date is known, supply a probable date in brackets (for guidelines for recording probable and uncertain dates, see Appendix).

Examples:110 2- |a Huntington Theatre Company.
 245 00 |a Huntington Theatre Company presents Aristocrats by Brian Friel.
 260 -- |a Boston : |b Huntington Theatre Company, |c Dec. 28, 1990-Jan. 27, 1991.
 110 2- |a Colonial Theatre.
 245 00 |a Stuart Ostrow and David Geffen present Philip Anglin, A. Mapa in M. Butterfly.
 260 -- |a Boston :|b Playbill, |c 1990-1991.
 110 2- |a Huntington Theatre Company.
 245 00 |a Huntington Theatre Company programs for 1990-1991 season.
 260 -- |a Boston :|b Huntington Theatre Company, |c Sept. 1990-April 1991.
 110 2- |a Colonial Theatre.
 245 00 |a Colonial Theatre programs for the 1990-1991 season.
 260 -- |a Boston :|b Playbill, |c 1990-1991.

3D1. For playbills and programs, transcribe the date from the piece, together with the day and month, if present. If the date(s) are written by hand on the piece, include the date in brackets and indicate source in a general note.

3E. Place of printing, name of printer, date of printing (260 subfields e, f, g) [2.4G, 1.4G]

If the name of the publisher is unknown and the place and name of the printer are found in the item, give that place and name. Optionally, give the place, name of printer, and/or date of printing if they are found in the item and differ from the place, name of publisher, etc., and date of publication, etc., and are considered important in distinguishing similar items.

Example:245 00 |a S. Hurok presents Col. W. de Basil's Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo.
 260 -- |a New York :|b Nicolas Publishing Co., |c [1935?] |e (New York :|f Isaac Goldmann Company)

3F. For collections of printed material not emanating from a single location or corporate body, the publication, distribution etc. area consists only of the date element (260 field, subfield c).

Example:245 00 |a American playbills [...]
 260 -- |c 1811-1812.

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